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Eric Hyde Miller - Yoga Enthusiast & Traveler

And The Premier of Yoga & Soul

After a lifetime (let's say over 30 years, lol) of participating in team sports and working out on athletic machines, I found yoga... or should I say it found me? Yoga is an activity that speaks to me like no other. I've learned how to slow down, be mindful, and become healthy in a more holistic way than ever before.

Ever since my yoga-revelation I've wanted to introduce and encourage as many people as possible to the world of yoga. Fostering connections among studios and yogi's across the Baltimore region is a huge part of spreading the yoga love. It's during my journey as a yoga enthusiast and traveler that I was labeled The Yoga Whisperer. I appreciate and embrace the name because it means perhaps I'm accomplishing what I set out to do... talk to everyone about yoga and encourage practice with as many yogi's as possible.

Then there is music, which influences us all in some way. For me, music is more than something you listen and dance to; I feel music and believe it speaks to the soul. 

Joining two of the most positive experiences consistently influencing my life was a must. Creating the Yoga & Soul event is a natural next step to sharing a love of yoga and music... and I hope you come away with the fun, positive, connective experience I hope it will be, I know it will be.



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